Tips for Planning Your First Cruise

Most people find planning their first cruise somehow confusing. But, this shouldn’t happen to you. These tips will help you plan your first cruise and ensure that it will be the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your life. 

Pre-book Activities 

Decide on the things you intend to do during the cruise. For instance, if you want to enjoy a certain activity such as a shore excursion, specialty restaurant, or spa service, reserve them in advance. Use the internet to book early and budget for them. 

Plan Your Departure 

You should arrive at the departure point early. For instance, if the ship will be leaving late in the afternoon, plan to leave your home early. That’s because heavy traffic or a delayed flight can make you start the vacation on the wrong footing. 

Pack Your Carry-on Bag 

Your luggage will reach your cabin when you’re ready aboard the ship. Therefore, pack your necessities in your carry-on bag. Some of the things to pack in your carry-on bag include phone chargers, important documents, medication, sunscreen, and bathing suits. 

Switch Your Phone to an Airplane Mode 

Don’t waste your money on international roaming rates. If you’re not expecting calls, ask your carrier about travel-worthy telephone plans or switch your cell to an airplane mode. 

Pace Yourself 

You will get a cruise newsletter every day. This will include scheduled events and activities. Some of these may include dance classes, movies, seminars, and shows. Mark things that you find interesting to avoid missing out. 

Avoid Food from the Outside 

Don’t rush to eat meals whenever the ship docks. Instead, eat sealed and prepackaged snacks providing by the staff. 

Relax and Have Fun 

You’re going on a cruise to relax or enjoy yourself. Make sure that you achieve this goal. Forget your work-related stresses and try to have fun because that’s probably the reason you chose to go on a vacation. 

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