Things to Avoid when Traveling

Things to Avoid when Traveling

Most travel blogs focus on the things that travelers should do on the road and at their travel destinations. They tell you where to go, what to do, and things to see. However, Austin who is an expert on Appliance Repair in San Antonio and does a lot of traveling, once shared with me that there are things that you should avoid whenever you travel to make your experience better. They include the following:

Eating Near Major Tourist Sites

Most eateries near attraction sites sell their foods at double the price of the food that is sold elsewhere. What’s more, these establishments know that most customers won’t come back. As such, they don’t pay attention to the quality of the food that they serve and services that customers get. They also assume that tourists do not know much about the quality of the local food since they have just arrived. Therefore, to get quality food and services at a reasonable price, eat away from the major attraction sites.

Exchanging Money at the Airport

Exchanging money at the airport will get you the worst exchange rate. To avoid this, use a credit card or ATM. This will give you rates that are close to interbank rates thereby enabling you to avoid being ripped off. So, unless you don’t have an option, never exchange money at the airport.

Carrying Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks refers to the checks that banks issue for pre-determined values that enable bearers to exchange checks for cash at any location in the world. These checks provide the most ideal way of accessing money when traveling without carrying cash. However, they are now obsolete because most banks do not accept them. They also offer little protection when stolen or lost.

Using Banks that Charge Fees

There is no logic in giving banks money when traveling. To avoid making this mistake, choose a credit card or bank that does not charge fees on foreign transactions. This enables you to avoid surcharges like ATM fees.

Skipping Travel Insurance

Some travelers see travel insurance as an unnecessary travel expense. However, traveling is venturing to the unknown. You don’t know what will happen when away. You can lose your valuables or get a serious injury. Travel insurance provides protection when traveling and it should therefore not be avoided.

Avoid these things to make your trip a smooth and unforgettable experience!  

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