How to Stay Connected with a Traveling Spouse

Travel can be challenging for a married person. However, you can plan and stay connected with your spouse to avoid trouble. Traveling can even strengthen your marriage if you know how to stay connected. Here are ways to keep in touch with your husband or wife while traveling.


Start by coordinating calendars before traveling. Make appointments to help you communicate every day with your spouse. Your appointment with your husband or wife should be an appointment with other people. That means you should give it a priority. If you must reschedule, avoid pushing it to the following day. You can even make a late-night check-in.

Surprise Your Partner

You can leave a sticky note with a simple message like “I love you” or a heart image in a random spot within the house. Make sure that your spouse will find the note while doing ordinary stuff in your home. For instance, you can leave such a note in a cellphone charger, refrigerator, or sock drawer.

Text More Often

You can send your spouse the photos you know he or she will love. For instance, you can take a picture of a bird and send it to your spouse. The sunrise or something that keeps you thinking about your partner can also do the trick. Also, end your day with a good night and start another one with a good morning.

Enjoy Your Dinner Together

You can use video apps on your phones to stay connected over dinner. If you travel throughout the day, you can have dinner together in the evening when you both come back home. Buy flowers and dress up to impress your spouse during the occasion.

When you want to stay connected with a traveling spouse, the essential thing is to keep communicating. Make sure that no single day ends without talking to your partner.

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