Things to Avoid when Traveling

Things to Avoid when Traveling

Most travel blogs focus on the things that travelers should do on the road and at their travel destinations. They tell you where to go, what to do, and things to see. However, Austin who is an expert on Appliance Repair in San Antonio and does a lot of traveling, once shared with me that there are things that you should avoid whenever you travel to make your experience better. They include the following:

Eating Near Major Tourist Sites

Most eateries near attraction sites sell their foods at double the price of the food that is sold elsewhere. What’s more, these establishments know that most customers won’t come back. As such, they don’t pay attention to the quality of the food that they serve and services that customers get. They also assume that tourists do not know much about the quality of the local food since they have just arrived. Therefore, to get quality food and services at a reasonable price, eat away from the major attraction sites.

Exchanging Money at the Airport

Exchanging money at the airport will get you the worst exchange rate. To avoid this, use a credit card or ATM. This will give you rates that are close to interbank rates thereby enabling you to avoid being ripped off. So, unless you don’t have an option, never exchange money at the airport.

Carrying Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks refers to the checks that banks issue for pre-determined values that enable bearers to exchange checks for cash at any location in the world. These checks provide the most ideal way of accessing money when traveling without carrying cash. However, they are now obsolete because most banks do not accept them. They also offer little protection when stolen or lost.

Using Banks that Charge Fees

There is no logic in giving banks money when traveling. To avoid making this mistake, choose a credit card or bank that does not charge fees on foreign transactions. This enables you to avoid surcharges like ATM fees.

Skipping Travel Insurance

Some travelers see travel insurance as an unnecessary travel expense. However, traveling is venturing to the unknown. You don’t know what will happen when away. You can lose your valuables or get a serious injury. Travel insurance provides protection when traveling and it should therefore not be avoided.

Avoid these things to make your trip a smooth and unforgettable experience!  

How to Stay Connected with a Traveling Spouse

Travel can be challenging for a married person. However, you can plan and stay connected with your spouse to avoid trouble. Traveling can even strengthen your marriage if you know how to stay connected. Here are ways to keep in touch with your husband or wife while traveling.


Start by coordinating calendars before traveling. Make appointments to help you communicate every day with your spouse. Your appointment with your husband or wife should be an appointment with other people. That means you should give it a priority. If you must reschedule, avoid pushing it to the following day. You can even make a late-night check-in.

Surprise Your Partner

You can leave a sticky note with a simple message like “I love you” or a heart image in a random spot within the house. Make sure that your spouse will find the note while doing ordinary stuff in your home. For instance, you can leave such a note in a cellphone charger, refrigerator, or sock drawer.

Text More Often

You can send your spouse the photos you know he or she will love. For instance, you can take a picture of a bird and send it to your spouse. The sunrise or something that keeps you thinking about your partner can also do the trick. Also, end your day with a good night and start another one with a good morning.

Enjoy Your Dinner Together

You can use video apps on your phones to stay connected over dinner. If you travel throughout the day, you can have dinner together in the evening when you both come back home. Buy flowers and dress up to impress your spouse during the occasion.

When you want to stay connected with a traveling spouse, the essential thing is to keep communicating. Make sure that no single day ends without talking to your partner.

Tips for Planning Your First Cruise

Most people find planning their first cruise somehow confusing. But, this shouldn’t happen to you. These tips will help you plan your first cruise and ensure that it will be the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your life. 

Pre-book Activities 

Decide on the things you intend to do during the cruise. For instance, if you want to enjoy a certain activity such as a shore excursion, specialty restaurant, or spa service, reserve them in advance. Use the internet to book early and budget for them. 

Plan Your Departure 

You should arrive at the departure point early. For instance, if the ship will be leaving late in the afternoon, plan to leave your home early. That’s because heavy traffic or a delayed flight can make you start the vacation on the wrong footing. 

Pack Your Carry-on Bag 

Your luggage will reach your cabin when you’re ready aboard the ship. Therefore, pack your necessities in your carry-on bag. Some of the things to pack in your carry-on bag include phone chargers, important documents, medication, sunscreen, and bathing suits. 

Switch Your Phone to an Airplane Mode 

Don’t waste your money on international roaming rates. If you’re not expecting calls, ask your carrier about travel-worthy telephone plans or switch your cell to an airplane mode. 

Pace Yourself 

You will get a cruise newsletter every day. This will include scheduled events and activities. Some of these may include dance classes, movies, seminars, and shows. Mark things that you find interesting to avoid missing out. 

Avoid Food from the Outside 

Don’t rush to eat meals whenever the ship docks. Instead, eat sealed and prepackaged snacks providing by the staff. 

Relax and Have Fun 

You’re going on a cruise to relax or enjoy yourself. Make sure that you achieve this goal. Forget your work-related stresses and try to have fun because that’s probably the reason you chose to go on a vacation. 

How to Make Your First Trip Memorable

We all get excited at the thought of taking the first trip and that is mainly because of the novelty that traveling brings into our lives. Although the new environments, landmarks, people, and activities that you will come into contact with on the road can inspire lasting memories, you should also know how to make the most of every trip. The following ideas can help you to ensure a memorable first trip. 

Plan Well 

Even if you get a chance for a spontaneous trip, it is still vital to spend a few moments planning for the adventure. Developing a proper travel plan requires you to carefully choose a suitable travel destination, decide on the travel activities and put all the logistics like accommodation, food, and transport in place. For convenience, develop a comprehensive travel plan that meets all your travel needs and budget estimates. 

Interact with the Locals 

While there are various ways to explore a destination and its culture, meeting the locals allows you a one-on-one experience. Regardless of the season, you will always find plenty of locals to hang out with when traveling. Doing so will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in various exciting activities, learn new skills as well as make friends. That could make your trip truly fun and memorable. 

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone 

You can hardly experience unique adventures if you only visit the same places and repeat similar activities. Daring to try new things and visit the less-traveled spots is one of the best ways to achieving memorable adventures. Consider trying some of those things that often scare you or make you feel different. Besides, the essence of traveling is to experience something different from your ordinary interactions. 

Generally, some trips are usually much fun than others. As a beginner traveler, the first trip might not live up to your expectations. However, the above tips will help you to ensure fulfilling and memorable adventures around the globe. 

Packing Tips that Make Travel Easier

Packing light is a major challenge for most people when it comes to traveling. Cramming the cutest outfits into a single suitcase is not easy. The anxiety of deciding what to carry and what to leave can put a damper on the pre-getaway excitement. Nevertheless, the following packing tips can make the task easier. 

Roll and Pack Clothes 

Rolling clothes before you pack them is the best way to utilize the available space maximally. Lay the tops facing down, fold the sleeves, and then roll them from their bottom upwards. Put the legs of your pants together and then roll them from the waist downward. Place tops and pants into the suitcase before accessories and shoes after rolling everything. You can then fit other items with odd shapes like hair tools. 

Pack Travel-Friendly Fabrics

Stretchy fabrics and knits are the best options when it comes to travel packing. Even if these get fabrics wrinkle, their creases fall out easily after hanging them up. This is not the case for woven fabrics like cotton and linen that are prone to easy wrinkling. 

Pack Clothes You Will Want to Wear First On Top 

Perhaps, you will head out for a meeting or dinner after getting off your plane. In that case, put the outfits you will wear for the occasion on top of the other clothes. That way, you will avoid digging deeper into your suitcase to find the outfit. Essentially, you should think about what you will wear upon your arrival when packing. 

Pack Heavy Items at the Luggage Base 

To avoid wrinkles, pack heavy items at the base of your suitcase. Books and shoes can be placed at the top or after packing other items. That way, you maintain the stability of your bag and prevent the smashing of light items. 

Use Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are the blocks that enable you to keep the suitcase organized. They make everything stack together with ease. With packing cubes, you don’t have to try to fit items with odd shapes together. And, these cubes are thin and lightweight. That means you won’t lose space in your suitcase when you use them. 

In addition to these tips, it’s important to avoid over-packing or under-packing. To do this, use a packing list with all the necessities you will use during the trip. Follow these tips and you will find traveling easier and enjoyable. 

Useful Hacks for Cheap Travels

Traveling is everyone’s dream but, the financial costs that come with it can sometimes make you shy away from taking trips often. With just a few travel-savvy ideas, you can now easily enjoy more trips without any inflated costs. The following useful hacks for cheap travels can help you enjoy fun trips at a fraction of the costs. 

Be On the Lookout for Cheap Flights 

There are various options for getting cheap flights that you can pursuer to significantly cut down your overall travel costs. Some of the best ways to find cheap flight deals include. 

  • Research online about the cheapest times of the month or year to travel. Travel apps like Skyscanner, Google Flights and Kayak can provide accurate and timely information. 
  • Monitor the airfares by different airlines frequently from online newsletters and social media platforms like the Flight Deal and Facebook. 

By using travel apps, you will be able to easily track flights and, also get updates on when the airfares are low. To get cheap flight deals, try to compare what different airlines are offering based on your travel budget. 

Visit Cheap Travel Destinations 

The standards of living vary from one country to another. Therefore, you can expect that some countries are more expensive to travel to than others. Depending on the reason for your trip, try to find destinations that can deliver the desired experience within your budget. For instance, a budget of $5,000 can last you about just one month in Europe while in destinations South America, the same budget can last you up to 3 months. The trick is to choose a destination where your money can last longer while also offering a memorable adventure. 

Pick Your Times of Travel Wisely 

The time when you travel will always have a significant impact on the costs. Most people often travel during international holidays like Christmas and the seasons. As a result, flights, hotels, and even attraction sites inflate prices during those times. Traveling when not many people are on the road not only offers you the best opportunity to indulge in your interests but, also the cheapest rates on flights and hotels. 

To enjoy cheap travel, you should also make it a habit to always travel light. Nevertheless, traveling is not all about how much money you have but, making the most of every moment. 


A Step by Step Guide for Planning a Travel Itinerary

An itinerary is a document created by a traveler outlining where they intend to go, when they will arrive, and how they intend to get there. It’s a crucial document that ensures smooth travels. Although it’s not a must for an itinerary to be binding, it enables a traveler to represent their proposed trip trajectory tangibly. This makes the last minute changes easier without affecting the overall travel course. Here is a step-by-step guide for planning a travel itinerary.

Step 1: Outline Places

Start by making an outline of the places you want to travel to and arrange them sequentially bearing in mind the regional or local geography. This will enable you to travel smoothly from one place to another instead of making uncoordinated hops which can cost you more.

Step 2: Notate Accommodation and Travel Options

Notate your ideal accommodation and travel options in the itinerary even though you may not use them. For instance, if you intend to travel to Europe, download the timetable of the European rail. Also make note of the trains that pass through the cities you wish to travel to. You can also come up with a list of the hotels you would like to stay in when traveling.

Step 3: Book Accommodation and Transport

Make reservations for accommodation and transport in advance once you have planned your trip. For instance, when traveling internationally, make reservation for a round-trip ticket to and from a country before departure.

Step 4: Include Activities

Include the activities you intend to engage in while in different regions or cities. Bear in mind that you can change this. Therefore, include alternatives. Also consider the distance from one attraction to another and set aside enough time for each activity.

Step 5: Leave Room for Change

Itineraries are tentative. Your plans are subject to change. Therefore, don’t use the itinerary as a fixed representation of what you will do and where you will go or how you will get there. Your itinerary should guide you in making concrete abstract plans for your trip.

Follow these tips to plan a travel itinerary for your upcoming trip.

What to Do if You Fall Sick when Traveling in a Foreign Country

What to Do if You Fall Sick when Traveling in a Foreign Country

It naturally feels frightening to fall sick when traveling in a foreign country. That’s because you are away from your friends, family, bed and doctor that has known you for a long time. However, a broken wrist or flue should not ruin your travel experience. You just need to know how to respond to a sickness or injury in a foreign country. Here is what you should do if you fall sick when traveling in a foreign country.

See a Doctor

Before the trip, you most probably had conducted some research. That means you know where you can find a hospital in your destination. If unsure of this, ask attendants at the hotel where you are staying. You can also ask your travel guide if you have one. A travel guide can even provide the support that you need to see a doctor and get well.

Contact the Embassy

Talk to the consulate or embassy of your country to find out if they can provide a list of medical facilities or healthcare providers that you can visit. This will give you the assistance you need and confidence that you are being treated by the right professionals. If you have a serious illness, consular officers may help you get medical assistance. If necessary, inform your friends and family.

Make Payment Arrangements

If you do not have enough money with you, consuls may assist you with funds transfer from friends and family in your home country to your travel destination. Medical bills and hospital payments may not be covered by your travel insurance. Thus, they will be your responsibility.

The most important thing is to prepare for such an eventuality before you travel. If you have a medical condition, pack all necessary documents and medication. Also conduct a research of your travel destination to know where to go in case you fall sick when traveling in a foreign country.


What You Need to Travel the World

What You Need to Travel the World

Many people want to be seasoned travelers. However, there are things that keep others from accomplishing this goal. But, it’s possible to travel the world and enjoy every minute of your trip. Here are some of the things that you need to travel the world.

Careful Preparation

You need to prepare for the trip in advance to make it successful. For instance, get proper documents like credit card, visas and passport. Also get durable luggage and determine the amount of time that you will be away. It’s also important that you set your travel dates and make arrangements for accommodation.

Flight Tickets

When traveling the world, you will use planes in most cases. So, once you have made all necessary preparations, book flights for your trip across the globe. Consider the best and easiest way to tour the world to make the trip less challenging. It possible, avoid connection flights. You can also take cruises, use buses, and trains to make the experience more enjoyable.

Communication Gadget

Though you might want to be away from the normal routine, you want to keep in touch with loved ones. Therefore, make sure that you have gadgets that enable you to keep in touch with loved ones. For instance, get a Smartphone or laptop that enables you to keep your loved ones updated on your whereabouts.

Get a Job

There are jobs that can get you paid while traveling. For instance, you can become a travel blogger that makes money while traveling. There are also freelancing jobs that you can do while traveling and get paid.

These are just some of the things that you need to travel the world. It’s however important to know the experience that you wish to enjoy when traveling and focus on things that will make the experience better.


What You Should Know Before You Travel to Europe

What You Should Know Before You Travel to Europe

A trip to Europe can feel overwhelming. However, this shouldn’t be the case. You travel to relax, unwind and have fun. If you keep these things in mind, you will be a more relaxed and smarter traveler. Here are some of the things that you should know before you travel to Europe to enjoy your trip.

Contact Your Credit Card Provider

If you don’t inform your credit card provider that you will be traveling, it’s possible that security teams will consider your use of the credit card in Europe a red flag. That means you will not use your credit card in this country. To avoid issues with your credit card, talk to your credit card provider about your intention to travel to Europe before you leave.

You Can Save Money with a Rail Pass

A Rail Pass enables you to travel to different locations during a single trip. The experience of using a train to travel is amazing especially if this is will be your first time. It’s an adventure that you don’t want to miss when you travel to Europe. Using train to travel to Europe is also cheaper than taking a flight.

Make Reservation Early

You may want to gamble and it might work for you. However, booking reservation early, especially when traveling during a peak season, is a smart move. It enables you to ensure that the trip goes as planned. You stay in a great hotel and get the best deal on your bookings.  

Don’t Over-plan

You might be overwhelmed by the urge to see and do everything when you travel to Europe. However, this can overload your moments in Europe. It’s therefore advisable that you avoid over planning because this can leave you with burn out. Instead, plan your time properly and allow yourself time to sleep adequately between activities.

Bear these things in mind when traveling to Europe to make your trip amazing.

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